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Top 10 Toys For 4 Year Olds - Inflatable Riding Toys - Applause Stuffed Toys.

Top 10 Toys For 4 Year Olds

top 10 toys for 4 year olds

    top 10
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    4 year
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219/365 (8-7-10) Peep and The Red Stapler

219/365 (8-7-10) Peep and The Red Stapler

It has been a long Summer but at the same time it has gone by way to fast. As many of you know my father passed away in July. This came a quite a shock for my sister and I. He was the last of the family we had, as we lost our mother and grandparents when we were children. All has not been smooth. Far from it. My father had nothing planned, no will and he hadn't updated his beneficiaries since before he was married. He was also a bit of a hoarder. So going through the house is going to be a huge task. Compounded by the fact that its not only his stuff, but my mothers and our grand parents as well. Hence the stapler, as i can find humor in it all by just this object. A simple red stapler amidst 10 black ones. My father could be impatient at times, why look for something when you could just walk down to the store and buy a new one. Some of the top offenders are:

1.Car Keys
5.Screw Drivers
7.Nail Clippers
8.Dog Leashes
9.Light Bulbs

So over the next year (because i fear it will take that long to sort it all out) Peep and Clair will show of some of the more unique things we find. As well as photos of out new house mate Merrill. Thank you all in the group for keeping the fire burning while I took the time to regroup and come to terms with it all.

Sunol #17

Sunol #17

It has been a difficult few weeks. Yesterday, we lost our beautiful little dog, Bocifus. She was a gorgeous blonde Cairn Terrier with black points. We adopted Boci when she was 10 years old. Although, Boci thought that she was about 4 years old at the time. The first nite in our hourse, Bocifus was running around and bashing the Booda. A Booda is a small stuffed toy for dogs. Bashing the Booda is where she lets out a little roar while flipping her head. This results sends the Booda flying across the room or over the top of the footboard of the bed and a variety of other places. She was a wonderful little dog and I wish that we had more time with her. Bocifus, I hope that you are bounding through grass, charging at ground squirrels, bashing your Booda, and sleeping on your sheepskin in peace. Chip and I miss you greatly.

top 10 toys for 4 year olds

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