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Unusual Infant Toys

unusual infant toys

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Unusual Picture

Unusual Picture

since only one person pointed it out to me ... i guess i will tell ya now ...

to me this is rather unusual .... we went to the guinness brewery over the weekend ...just so i had something different to take photos of ....plus i had never been there before ....

upon coming into the main hall ... there is this HUGE wall of beer bottles on the right hand side .... so i thought i would grab a couple of pictures of them ...

when i got home i was a little surprised at this ......... i could swear i see a face in one of the bottles....
i know for a fact that while there was loads of people there .... i am very observant when i take my pictures to make sure that no one walks in front of me .. or is really standing next to me (personal space and all that lark...plus i have equipment with me thats worth a lot of money ... so i don't want anyone but me near it )
i can remember who was standing 10 feet away from me ... and that behind me was nothing else but a wall .... so where did this come from

finbarr insists its just a freak shot ... flare from someone elses flash... and that could be .... but for those of you that can enlarge the photo ... have a look at it enlarged and tell me what you see

i would really appreciate the jokes being kept to a minimal here ... i didn't go looking for this sort of thing at the brewery ... it just appeared and i thought i would share it .... so be kind .

what does everyone else see

i am uploading this photo as is ...no photoshop.... no editing....not even a crop .....only thing done to it was transferring from RAW to jpg... thats it

unusual creatures ( its real )

unusual creatures ( its real )

as unusual as it is... it is 100 % made by mother nature herself real !!! this was the first time i have ever seen one of these myself . i had to do a little research to identify what it actually was. turns out its a spiny orb weaver. i was taking the dog for a walk when i almost walked face first into this pseudo silly/creepy creature, hanging mid air in its web. at least it was smiling even if it couldnt say cheese :)
" when you smile the whole world smiles with you"

unusual infant toys

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