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Vintage He Man Toys : Battery Powered Kids Ride On Toys.

Vintage He Man Toys

vintage he man toys

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He-Man Action Figures

He-Man Action Figures

These toys are from the 1980's. They are vintage He-Man action figures that belong to my brother in law. My 2 1/2 year old nephew (his son) now plays with them. They looked so neat I couldn't help but set them on the table and take a few snapshots. thanks to Rubyblossom for the background.

He Man 80's MOTU Los Amos Masters of the Universe KOL DARR JUMBO

He Man 80's MOTU Los Amos Masters of the Universe KOL DARR JUMBO

Este he man viene con un casco vikingo muy raro habia un personaje en la caricatura que se llamaba kol darr tal vez trataron de crearlo en version bootleg con el tamaNO del megator.
De todos los he man bootleg y originales este es uno de mis favoritos.

vintage he man toys

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