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Moving Wooden Toys

moving wooden toys

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Part of my gnome and toy collection

Part of my gnome and toy collection

A small part of my toy collection and some of my gnomes and pixies. I got the wooden duck pull toy at a little toy shop in Dingle Ireland, and he moves his head, waddles, and makes noise. The mushroom music box turns around and has little tiny pixies riding bugs that also turn around individually, like a carousel. Some Steiff toys and a super cute red octopus by Devout Dolls. Too many gnomes to talk about, but most are vintage.



I found this at the Brown Elephant on Clark and instantly fell in love. Wooden toys are so great. It's legs move up and down as it rolls along. I thought when I bought it I would send it along to one of my friends with children but I don't know if I can part with it.

moving wooden toys

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